Kinship, a new law firm specialised in large assets

Kinship, a new law firm specialised in large assets


The legal sector is opening its doors to “Kinship”, a new law firm specialised in advising high net worth individuals with an international profile.


The firm was founded by Pedro Fernández and Álvaro Checa, both of whom previously worked at Garrigues. Through this initiative they seek to position Kinship as a national benchmark in advising high net worth individuals, combining their experience in international taxation with the legal approach of the Anglo-American and central European wealth law industry.


“For this global approach, we also have an extensive network of foreign advisors on which we rely when our clients require specialised advice outside our jurisdiction,” explains Álvaro Checa, co-founder of the firm.


Today, Kinship has two offices, one in Génova 27, Madrid and the other in the Sierra Blanca neighbourhood of Marbella.


“In my 30 years of experience I have had the opportunity to see how services related to estate planning structures, including estate planning, have specialised to become a highly developed industry in other jurisdictions,” says Pedro Fernández.


“Our international experience in these regulatory and tax environments puts us in an excellent position to serve our clients,” he adds.


  • If you wish, you may read the full article published in Iberian Lawyer.

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