Kinship collaborates with Mondaq to host a live Webinar

Kinship collaborates with Mondaq to host a live Webinar

On Spanish Tax Regime Amendments for Inpatriates: New Eligibility Criteria


A tax policy shift has taken place in Spain. The Spanish preferential tax regime for inpatriates was introduced in 2004, to boost the competitiveness of Spanish MNEs by helping them attract foreign talent through significant tax advantages for employees and executives.


The regime was not, until now, available for business owners, capital investors, digital nomads, or successful self-employed individuals. The improved regime is now on a levelled playing field with its Portuguese, Italian, Swiss and English counterparts.


In our presentation, besides providing an outline of the new regulation, we followed a case study format to provide with an overview of how different types of taxpayers would be taxed under the improved regime depending on their circumstances, and of course we have tried to cover borderline cases.


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