Estate Planning

Protection and transmission of family assets

Families need certainty in the multi-jurisdictional situations arising from the transfer of wealth between generations. We therefore provide practical and strategic international advice on inheritance and succession planning, including assistance and coordination in the preparation of wills, trusts, will-substitutes, and trust-like institutions. In addition, we provide solutions, in coordination with the area of tax law, for all issues that may arise in cross-border successions.


In the area of succession and inheritance law, we assist beneficiaries and heirs, as well as executors, trustees, and other fiduciaries in the various stages of the probate process, as well as in the multi-jurisdictional administration of estate assets, preserving the estate’s interests until the final distribution to the beneficiaries designated by the testator.


Elderly and vulnerable people are also part of our focus. We protect their assets through “lasting powers of attorney” in Common Law jurisdictions, and “preventive powers” in Civil Law jurisdictions, entrusting representatives with decision-making powers over personal and/or financial interests, thus avoiding the need for the judicial appointment of deputies.



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  • On the Common law side of the Western legal tradition, and especially in the United States, the expression "estate planning" also makes reference to the different methods by which "probate" or administration of the estate by courts following death can be avoided....

  • The expression “Estate planning” is used in connection with the different available procedures in order to transfer wealth to the next generation, usually within the family, avoiding the intestate rules provided by the law of succession. ...